Hydrotech Solutions, LLC provides innovative water management technologies and services that improve water quality while conserving its use.

Our solutions reduce operating costs of water, energy and chemistry, which is validated with automated data collection. Property portfolios are analyzed to optimize water, energy and maintenance schedules.

Efficient Water Use

Our water technologies deliver cost reductions that improve sustainable practices for the long term; reducing energy and chemical use, saving water, while continuously capturing data for secure cloud-based analytics.

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IoT Sensors & Analysis

We collect and analyze operating data to validate improved water and energy efficiencies. We provide secure online operating data to our clients for larger scale analytics using our tools or their Building management systems.

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HydroFLOW is a physical water conditioner that causes soft scale to form crystals in the water stream that cannot attach to pipes and equipment. HydroFLOW reduces water, energy and chemical use, while improving water quality.

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