6 Water Cooled Chillers – Energy Efficiency Improved by 11.0%


Hydropath technology was evaluated at a commercial building in Hong Kong that had six fresh water cooled chillers producing over 3400TR cooling.

Commercial chemicals such as biocide, scale and corrosion inhibitor were used in the condensing water to control scale and biofilm accumulation. Due to the limitation of chemicals and constraint of treatment program, mineral scale deposit and development of biofilm required a program of annual tube cleaning to restore the energy efficiency. In order to improve the coefficient of performance (COP) of the chiller plant, Hydropath technology was installed. 


After one year of operation, the data logged by the existing BMS shows there is an 11.0% improvement in energy efficiency of chillers is detected when COP of chiller is compared under a similar working condition such as cooling load, chilled water supply temperature, condensing water supply temperature and the time since tube cleaning.

The return on investment was 24 months. The water quality was significantly improved due to the bacteria killing function of the Hydropath system.