HydroTech Solutions, LLC was formed to deliver water conservation and metrics to commercial and industrial building operators. Our technologies conserve 50% of water use in cooling towers, reduce maintenance in water systems by preventing scale and biological fouling from attaching to pipes and equipment. We use IoT sensors to monitor water quality, volumes and energy use in real-time, reinforcing that what is measured is better managed. Our technologies for water systems improve operations while reducing costs:

  • Extending the use and reuse of water
  • Prevent scale from forming on equipment
  • Preventing biofilm and algae from attaching to equipment and water lines
  • Reducing Energy and Chemical use
  • Extending the useful life of heating and cooling equipment
  • Providing data analytics for predictive maintenance, efficient operations and water conservation

HydroTech partners with engineering companies, property management firms, and technology providers to improve water and energy efficiencies. Monthly data reports with analysis confirm water and energy conservation, while usually validating that our monthly fees are less than the cost savings.

Our Leadership Team



Brent is the President of HydroTech Solutions, LLC, and also serves as the Chief Technical Officer. Brent is an Engineer who has developed numerous water and fluid applications throughout his career. He co-founded HydroTech to develop water conservation and innovative treatment solutions for the commercial and industrial markets.

Brent launched and sold several companies before co-founding HydroTech to focus on Sustainable Water Management. Brent provides a depth of experience in scientific applications for water conditioning that allows users to conserve water, energy and reduce chemicals while improving water quality.

Brent has a Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas Tech and serves on the boards of two privately held companies.



Pete is the co-founder of HydroTech Solutions, Inc. and manages the operations, sales and marketing for the company. Pete has focused on water and environmental management for 30 years, with leadership of key accounts, projects and programs worldwide for multinational companies. He formerly led the global environmental Oil & Gas market at CH2M HILL, and developed and led the Oil & Gas group for AECOM in Australia.

Pete co-founded HydroTech to apply sustainable water technologies for conserving water, and providing alternatives to chemicals to achieve water quality objectives. Integrating water conservation technology with data collection and analytics for cooling towers and heat exchangers was identified as an area where a big impact can be realized, so HydroTech is developing this space.

Pete received an Environmental Management degree from Texas State University (formerly SWT) and has founded, merged and sold numerous companies in the areas of environmental consulting, data management, electronic document management, web hosting, and holds a patent in the app data exchange space. He lives by his motto that "the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself."

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative water treatment solutions that reduce water consumption, improve energy use, and improve water quality for reuse.

We measure what we manage.


1. Commitment to Our Clients and Community
We are focused on improving use of water in the built environment, as reduced consumption benefits families, companies and the community.
2. Integrity
We are honest and ethical. We strive for the highest standards of transparency and accountability in all of our activities. The data we collect supports informed actions.
3. Innovation
We focus on water conservation applications and work closely with groups to solve water related challenges that open new ways for conserving water and improving the quality of life for people and companies.
4. Quality
Data matters. Our focus is to analyze operating data to improve processes that will improve quality continuously. 
5. Honest Communications

Communications are transparent so that all stakeholders have the opportunity to benefit from the activities we are involved with. Saving water, reducing costs and improving processes is possible only when all stakeholders communicate openly.
6. People
We value the skills, strengths and perspectives that individuals bring to our projects. We are not focused on increasing our own headcount, so we continuously seek innovative people, stakeholders and partners that will help to improve water conservation and metrics.
7. Environmental Sustainability
We are committed to developing sound technological solutions to reduce chemical use in water that allows reuse of water for other applications. We develop ways to reduce water and energy use and cost while improving water quality.

  • Save costs while conserving water
  • Reduce chemicals in water
  • Reduce energy use
  • Promote water reuse
  • Measure and analyze to reduce wasteful water practices

Our Clients

Double Tree Hotel
Lockheed Martin
City of Tulsa
City of San Antonio
Will Banks


Hydrotech Solutions was founded to provide innovative solutions for sustainable water management for commercial and industrial water systems. Our technologies extend the use of water by preventing scale, removing existing limescale, controlling biofouling and helping to reduce corrosion in water systems.

Hydrotech developed the Total Water Management program for cooling towers that conserves 50% of water volume,  reduces chemical use, and improves energy efficiency. We install and manage internet-enabled sensors and meters to automatically collect data so that performance is continuously measured and analyzed. 

The Total Water Management program to bring several components of a cooling tower operation together for the benefit of the operator.

  • Internet enabled (IoT) sensors and flow meters that post data to a secure cloud based server for analysis
  • HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning uses a frequency that causes scale to form in the water stream as microscopic crystals that can't attach as scale on equipment
  • Green chemistry for biological and scale control that does not require hazardous storage, disposal or handling. HydroFLOW reduces chemical use by up to 75%

Hydrotech is focused on innovation in the water space, and we leverage data to validate the performance of our technologies.


Green Building Council
Texas Pace
Cooling Technology