Chemical Plant Scale Removal

Due to excessive lime scale accumulation, the diesel steam boilers were on the verge of being decommissioned for a week in order to be acid cleaned; a process which typically costs over $15,000. During inspection the steam boilers were evaluated for potential replacement ($350K each). The head of maintenance decided to evaluate HydroFLOW’s ability to clean the steam boilers and possibly avoid acid cleaning. Within 2.5 months, fuel consumption went down from 400 to 275 gallon per day; which translates to roughly $150K savings annually (return on investment of 2-3 months).

Scale Control on Heat Exchanger

After more than six months of using a Hydropath MARINE system on the Fresh Water Generation unit, biofilm was eliminated, and the surface areas where HydroFLOW conditioned water made contact were free from scale. The 6 month operation clearly demonstrated that this method of water treatment greatly reduces maintenance costs, equipment damage and chemical usage. 

60 HP Low Pressure Steam Boiler - Scale Control

Due to excessive scale accumulation, even with softening and chemical usage, the head of maintenance  decided to evaluate HydroFLOW’s ability to descale the steam boiler and prevent further scale formation.  Stack temperature has dropped from 296° F to 272° F in 6 months, which demonstrates an 8% increase in heat transfer efficiency. Scale was removed in large volumes from the system through blowdown twice per day during initial activation, resulting in quantities of soft scale which was easy to manage.

OnSpex 3rd Party Scale Control Testing Results

OnSpex Consumer Products laboratory evaluated a HydroFLOW to validate effectiveness for preventing hard water from depositing enough minerals to impair heater operation. Analysis of the deposits and flow readings indicate that this unit is effective in preventing clogging due to calcium carbonate build up.

British Gas - Thousands of Water Heaters rely on HydroFLOW

Over 20 years ago, the largest residential gas provider in the UK, British Gas was looking for a chemical-free water conditioning device to protect their customers' residential water heaters. The test results led to an investment in the company and a long-standing business re-
lationship. To this day, British Gas purchases many thousands of Hydroflow units each year.