Hydrotech Solutions was founded to provide innovative solutions for sustainable water management for commercial and industrial water systems. Our technologies extend the use of water by preventing scale, removing existing limescale, controlling biofouling and helping to reduce corrosion in water systems.

Hydrotech developed the Total Water Management program for cooling towers that conserves 50% of water volume,  reduces chemical use, and improves energy efficiency. We install and manage internet-enabled sensors and meters to automatically collect data so that performance is continuously measured and analyzed. 

The Total Water Management program to bring several components of a cooling tower operation together for the benefit of the operator.

  • Internet enabled (IoT) sensors and flow meters that post data to a secure cloud based server for analysis
  • HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning uses a frequency that causes scale to form in the water stream as microscopic crystals that can't attach as scale on equipment
  • Green chemistry for biological and scale control that does not require hazardous storage, disposal or handling. HydroFLOW reduces chemical use by up to 75%

Hydrotech is focused on innovation in the water space, and we leverage data to validate the performance of our technologies.


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