The patented HydroFLOW unit induces a sustained 150 kHz frequency into any type of pipe on which it is installed. The Hydropath signal extends in both directions along the water line using the water as a carrier, and causes mineral ions to form suspended clusters that turn into stable “soft scale” (aragonite) crystals when temperature or pressure changes occur.  

The suspended crystals prevent scale from attaching as hard scale in pipes, heating elements or closed loop circulation systems. This increases heat transfer efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and reducing chemical usage.

Common HydroFLOW applications include high flow water transfer pipes, heat exchangers, boilers, cooling towers, commercial pools, wells and pumps.

City of Orlando Wastewater Treatment Plant

The belt presses at the City of Orlando Waste Water Treatment Plant suffer from severe Struvite scale accumulation which greatly impedes the equipment’s productivity and effectiveness. The plant’s management team installed a HydroFLOW on one belt press to evaluate ability to control struvite formation.  HydroFLOW successfully prevented new struvite scale accumulation and gradually removed existing Struvite deposits. Additionally, the HydroFLOW reduced polymer usage due to improve belt press operating efficiency.  

Food Processing Facility Cooling Tower

An apple growing operation installed a HydroFlow on their cooling tower to remove existing limescale deposits, prevent limescale accumulation and eliminate the need for chemicals. The results after 22 weeks of operation allowed chemical usage to be discontinued after the 8th week, blow-down was reduced by 50% which saved water usage and costs, water in the sump was clear of algae and bio deposits, and the limescale deposits on tubes and fins were gradually removed.

Scale Prevention and Removal on Heat Exchanger Plates

After more than six months of using a Hydropath MARINE system on the Fresh Water Generation System (FWG) unit, there was no decrease in fresh water production of the FWG (normally production reduces over time due to clogged passages which are attributed to the accumulation of hard lime scale on the plates). Also, during the opening of the FWG, the water released was clear and did not contain any mud or slime, which clearly showed that any live organisms were effectively eradicated by the Hydropath MARINE system.

Direct Treatment of Water at Feed to Hospital Steamer

A hospital installed a HydroFlow to the water feed of a steamer to reduce limescale inside on steamer. They observed a gradual removal of existing limescale deposits over time, along with reduced corrosion rates.  The results included improved steamer operational efficiency, significant reduction of scale, and reduced maintenance costs.

Scale Control at a Paper Mill

The bleach plant at a paper mill had multiple shower units which suffer from severe limescale accumulation. Shower nozzles either hydro-blasting or to be replaced periodically. A HydroFLOW was installed after verifying that clean or new nozzles with zero limescale buildup were in place. The shower units were divided so that a control group was observed that did not receive water conditioning from HydroFLOW. The units were examined after 11 weeks that verified that the treated shower unit had no new scale deposits appeared, and the powdery residue was much less labor intensive to clean.