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Total Water Management is a discipline that involves 3 changes for cooling tower managers who want to reduce water costs, save electricity and reduce chemical use.

  • Measure water volume and quality
  • Consolidate chemical supplier with Water Care
  • Increase Cycles of Concentration safely with HydroFLOW              

HydroTech combines water management with green chemistry, and we install flow meters and sensors that send data to a secure cloud based environment.

Our cooling tower customers monitor water use in real-time, and can analyze data for internal reporting.

The Total Water Management program saves approximately 50% of water and associated costs, so your Sustainability Reporting is significantly enhanced by a million or more gallons of water saved per year, depending on the size of the cooling system. 

Check out our latest Case Study that describes the success of the Total Water Management program for a 9-story building in Houston.

  • Data collected for water quality and water quantity with IoT Sensors
  • HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning controls scale formation
  • Green chemistry with 50-75% reduction in monthly volume
  • 50% reduction of water costs that offsets or pays for the program
  • Biological control and monitoring for cooling tower water

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