Water Features and Fish Ponds

Maintenance is a primary challenge for keeping ponds and water features clean, using a minimum of chemicals and preventing scale and biofilm build up on rocks and tiles. Healthy plants and fish can be maintained with the use of HydroFLOWthat is placed at the suction side of the pump, and the use of a filter to collect particles of organic and soft scale that are due to the effectiveness of the HydroFLOW ; especially during the first few weeks after installation.

Indoor fountains and ponds develop odors relating to chloramines and chlorine that will be eliminated with HydroFlow, which breaks the chloramine molecules and frees up chlorine and oxygen reduction potential (ORP) is increased. With HydroFLOW installed, chlorine use is reduced significantly while maintaining bacteria control, including Legionella.

Aquaculture is an important part of global food culture, and modern fish farms must comply with strict criteria in order to meet the increasing demand for high quality fish at low prices, while preserving the environment. HydroFLOW improves the water environment for fish and aquatic life by preventing algae and biological fouling, which reduces costs associated with chemicals, labor and energy.

Expected results

•     Water clarity noticeable in 5 days

•     Neutralizes bacteria including Legionella and algae, yet is not harmful to fish

•     Eliminates the need for UV and ozone systems

•     Reduction of chemicals in the order of 50% of more, including acid for pH control for fountains

•     Reduction of existing limescale and scum lines on rocks and tiles

•     Reduction of maintenance costs

•     Reduction of Backwashing and water disposal costs

•     Reduction of water change out


Case Studies

Koolina Beach Marriott Koi Pond

HydroFlow significantly reduced algae and the water clarity increased within 3 days at the central water feature at the hotel. Odors from chemicals and organic decomposition were eliminated and the visibility of the fish was greatly enhanced.

Commercial Building Fountain

Due to staining of the granite around the fountain due to scale and biofilm, in addition to water clarity, a HydroFlow was installed at the circulation pump. The results were notable within days due to improved water clarity, cleaning routines were scheduled further apart, and chemical use was reduced by half. The cost savings due to reduced water disposal and replacement, chemical reduction and labor reduction were significant.

Clinical Evaluation of HydroFlow Water Disinfection for a Fish Growing Operation

Four large tanks were recirculated using HydroFlow to test the effectiveness of neutralizing bacteria in the Tilapia fish populations. The test lasted 90 days and the results were significantly higher when comparing fish mortality between treated (74% survival rate) and untreated tanks (60%, 48% and 42% survival).  The treated tank of Tilapia exhibited lower levels of bacterial, parasitic and mycotic infection during the 90-day observation.

Civitavecchi Fish Farm

The sea water fishery at Civitavecchia in Italy faced significant challenges from bacteria and viruses. Previously a UV system had been put in place to kill bacteria, but it was not treating the problem fully, as UV light cannot pass through cloudy water and became less effective. Two Agriflow units were installed before the filters that treated six large hatchery tanks, two pump sets and storage tanks. Two further Agriflow units were installed before and after the filters to treat six breeding tanks on an open circuit, helping the filters to remove particles and control bacterial microbes that had built up in the tank.

Three years after The UV treatment was turned off, the Fish Farmers have seen a marked improvement in the health & growth of the hatchery fish, no reappearance of bacteria or virus infections and all with significant financial savings.

Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

HydroFlow was installed to reduce algae in the water fixture at the hotel’s main entry. Hotel employees spent excessive time vacuuming and skimming the water feature to maintain clarity. Within days the algae had disappeared and water clarity had significantly improved. Within 30 days the employees terminated the vacuuming program and labor costs relating to the pond were substantially reduced.

Commercial Building Indoor Water Feature

Algae and limescale in the indoor water feature at a large pharmaceutical company were significantly improved after installation of a HydroFlow on the circulation pump. Within the first week the algae had noticeably disappeared and within three weeks the chemical use was reduced by 75%.

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