Cooling System Water Conservation with Reduced Operating and Repair Expenses

The Total Water Management program reduces water and energy use while monitoring volume, temperatures and quality of water continuously for a fixed monthly fee that is designed to be less than current water and energy costs. We place our guarantee on achieving water and energy conservation goals, and provide data and analytical reporting to validate cost savings.

Sustainable water management that reduces energy, chemical and water use

Cooling towers are used on a majority of commercial and industrial buildings for air conditioning. Water plays a central role for removing heat from the air in a building by the process of evaporation, which consumes a large volume of water per day. 

When water evaporates, dissolved calcium, magnesium and other minerals are left behind in circulating water, and their concentrations increase as more water is evaporated per cycle of refilling make-up water. Each cycle of increased mineral concentration also increases the likelihood of lime scale accumulation on pipes and equipment.

Common practice involves adding anti-scaling chemicals to circulating water to help deter scaling. However, after 3 cycles of concentration, most water systems automatically purge, or blow-down concentrated water to avoid scale formation. This too uses large volumes of water, and wastes the chemicals too.

For example, a 1,000 ton cooling tower on an 8 story Texas office building will consume 400,000 to 500,000 gallons of water per monthwith about 70% evaporation and 30% blow-down. With chemical use, this is fairly typical, and difficult to improve on, as extending the cycles of concentration increases likelihood of scale accumulation.

Water Savings with Technology

Hydrotech assembled several technologies that conserve 50% water use or more, while improving the operating efficiencies of equipment.

  • 50% Water Conservation with equal cost savings
  • 10-12% Energy Savings
  • 75% Chemical Savings
  • Reduced Maintenance and Repairs
  • Real-time operating data from equipment and water use
Download a Use Case for a  1,000-Ton Cooling Tower  with 50% Water Savings

How HydroFLOW Works

HydroFLOW attaches to the exterior of a water line. Any type or diameter of pipe. 

Water inside the pipe acts as a conductor that carries the induced ± 150 kHz signal throughout the entire water system and causes dissolved calcium to crystallize in the water stream, which cannot attach to equipment.

Scale and biological materials no longer attach to equipment and piping and are filtered out.

Chemical use is reduced 75% and maintenance and repairs are less frequent

Measure and Manage Water and Energy Conservation

Calcium Filtered Out.png

Cycles of Concentration are increased to 8 or more, with continuous removal of dissolved calcium that has been forced to crystallize and filtered out; which allows water conservation of 50-75% while using less chemicals.

Water characteristics are monitored in real-time on phones and desktops, while influent and blowdown water conservation data is available 24/7, with monthly operations reports emailed.

Cooling Tower Water Conservation and Cost Savings

HydroFLOW installs without cutting pipes or interrupting operations

Dissolved Calcium is forced to crystallize into suspended solids that cannot attach to equipment

Solids are filtered from the water stream; reducing calcium

Water conservation is more than 50% and 10-12% energy savings is captured.

IoT sensors send data securely to the cloud. Analytics and predictive Maintenance improve operations 24/7

Data is presented securely on mobile devices, desktops and BMS 

Sustainable Water Management for Cooling Towers

Data is securely streamed to mobile phones and desktops with analysis for predictive maintenance, efficiency capture and Cost Savings of Water, Energy, Chemistry and Maintenance

  • Water Conservation

  • OPEX Savings

  • CAPEX Reduction

  • Energy Conservation

  • Asset Life Extension

  • Reduced Repairs & Maintenance

  • LEED Water Credits

  • ROI: 12-36 Months

Physical Inspections, Reporting and Data Management

IoT data and analytics for cooling tower water

Total Water Management Conserves Water, Energy, Chemicals  

Critical operating data for cooling systems is provided in a monthly PDF email, along with a secure link to key operating data for downloading or securely stored in a drop folder.

Commercial Building Water Conservation benefits the Community

Significantly Reduces Impact on Wastewater Facilities

  • 50% Water reduction equals ~10,000 gpd from a 1,000 ton cooling tower (1 Building)

  • 10 buildings would save 100,000 gallons/ day, or 10% of a 1 million gpd WWT Plant

Total Water Management conserves energy, water use and promotes water reuse on a community scale that improves the water use cycle for the region's benefit.

Reduced chemicals in the wastewater system, less water consumed, and better quality water downstream.


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