HydroFLOW is often compared with magnets, wire wraps and other water conditioners that have a less effective technical approach. Hydropath technology is patented throughout the world and the U.S. The results for conditioning water are superior to any electronic or magnetic devices.

Some common types of physical water conditioners rely on magnetic fields to affect the ions in the water. One type uses permanent magnets, either outside the pipe or protruding through the pipe into the water. A very similar type replaces the permanent magnets with electromagnets (a coil wrapped around an iron core) which acts in the same way. The other type uses a coil of wire passed around the pipe, which essentially acts like an electromagnet.

Magnetic fields do not propagate very far from their source, unlike electric charges that are strongly affected by electric fields. The magnetic fields limited range affects only the water that passes through the device, and only if the water is moving.


HydroFLOW Technology uses electric rather than magnetic fields. The way this field is transmitted into the system means that the signal propagates both up‐ and downstream, all the way through the system. The reason the HydroFLOW signal propagates, unlike the magnetic field from the other devices is due to how the signal is applied. One way of thinking about this is that the magnetic field is applied from outside by the magnets, whereas HydroFLOW technology essentially makes the pipes part of an electrical circuit, and induces a current along the pipe. This is done in exactly the same way as a transformer, by making the pipe and the water effectively the secondary coil of the transformer. Just as a wire in a circuit carries current all through the wire, so the pipe carries the current all along the wire.

Electric fields affect the ions much more strongly than magnetic fields, and so they experience a larger force. Electric fields, unlike magnetic fields, affect electric charges whether they are moving or not. This means that the HydroFlow signal is continually treating the water in the house. Furthermore, the treatment affect does not depend on how fast the water is flowing.

HydroFlow water conditioning is patented and functions much differently than pipe wraps and magnets for sustained conditioning of water.

  • Does not use chemicals and
  • Does not alter the composition of the water
  • Does not require replacement
  •  Uses Electric fields that are 30,000 times stronger than magnetic fields
  •  Propagates the signal the length of the pipe, using the fluid as the conduit
  • Works independent of flow
  • Provides constant 24-hour operation
HydroPath Signal.png
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