HydroTech Solutions was formed to provide water conservation and metrics for commercial and industrial building operators. Our technologies conserve 50% of water use in cooling towers, while reducing long-term maintenance in water systems by preventing scale and biological fouling on pipes and equipment.

We use IoT sensors to monitor water quality, volumes and energy use in real-time, reinforcing that what is measured is better managed. Our technologies for water systems improve operations while reducing costs:

  • Extending the use and reuse of water
  • Prevent scale from forming on equipment
  • Preventing biofilm and algae from attaching to equipment and water lines
  • Reducing Energy and Chemical use
  • Extending the useful life of heating and cooling equipment
  • Providing data analytics for predictive maintenance, efficient operations and water conservation

HydroTech partners with engineering companies, property management firms, and technology providers to improve water and energy efficiencies. Monthly data reports with analysis confirm water and energy conservation, while usually validating that our monthly fees are less than the cost savings.

HydroTech Clients

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HydroTech is a member of the  US Green Building Council
HydroTech is a member of the Dallas and Austin 2030 Districts
HydroTech is a PACE Ambassador with less than 24 month ROI for water conservation
HydroTech is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency
HydroTech is a member of ASHRAE in Texas

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