HydroTech was founded to develop sustainable water and energy solutions for industrial and commercial facilities. We measure and monitor water, indoor air, energy and chemical use to improve efficiencies so that High Performance Buildings are the result.

We provide water and energy audits resulting in significant water, energy and chemical reductions.

Our technologies for water improve quality while extending water use. Our IoT sensors and meters monitor performance in real-time, and continuously analyze for system efficiencies.

HydroTech supports sustainable water use through conservation while extending the operating life of equipment while reducing energy, chemicals and maintenance. All of this at No Net Cost.

Join us on our path to conserve 1 Billion Gallons of water per year. Water touches everyone, and the volumes that we save benefit our community.

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HydroTech is a member of the  US Green Building Council
HydroTech is a member of the Dallas and Austin 2030 Districts
HydroTech is a PACE Ambassador with less than 24 month ROI for water conservation
HydroTech is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency
HydroTech is a member of ASHRAE in Texas

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