HydroTech Solutions LLC is a full-service water and energy conservation firm primarily serving the commercial and industrial market.  We improve net operating income for commercial property owners through integrated deployment of high-efficiency water technologies for cooling towers and boilers with IoT cloud-based data analytics. 

We provide design, finance, and installation solutions.  Our thorough, consultative approach supports our focus on providing economic value to the customer on day-1 and long-term, while improving building performance and efficiency. All of this at No Net Cost.

Join us on our path to conserve 1 Billion Gallons of water per year. Water touches everyone, and the volumes that we conserve benefit all of us.

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HydroTech is a member of the  US Green Building Council
HydroTech is a member of the Dallas and Austin 2030 Districts
HydroTech is a PACE Ambassador with less than 24 month ROI for water conservation
HydroTech is a member of the Alliance for Water Efficiency
HydroTech is a member of ASHRAE in Texas

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