A commercial building operator in Hawaii initiated a four month test of HydroFlow technology for the purpose of evaluating the reduction of chemical use for bacteria, scale and corrosion control in three cooling towers. 3 HydroFlow units were installed on the cooling towers after baseline analysis was performed. During the staged test, chemical additives were systematically reduced to provide comparison of operating efficiencies of the HydroFlow units.


The result was a return on investment in less than four months and long term savings of more than $1 million in operating costs.

  • Limescale and corrosion buildup inside the cooling tower and chillers remained under control even though anti-scalant and anti-corrosive chemicals were discontinued.
  • Biocide chemical was reduced by 85% and bacteria levels reduced from 100,000 CFU to 1,000 CFU.
  • Blow-down reduced by 50%
  • Conductivity remained stable at 1245 ~ 1295 Micro Siemens
Micro Siemens