ASHRAE 188 requires buildings/sites defined under 188 to implement a water management program that includes written documentation with specific components and control measures. Here are the main components required of facilities to create a compliant water management plan: 

  1. Establish water management plan team
  2. Incorporate building water system information and flow diagrams
  3. Perform hazard analysis of the water system
  4. Control measures with monitoring limits and corrective actions
  5. Establish verification procedures
  6. Perform validation methods
  7. Document the water management plan

HydroTech Solutions can help you with ASHRAE Standard 188 Evaluation and Compliance

HydroTech provides water solutions for building owners and operators as they apply to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems.  We can provide guidance in establishing your “Water Management Program” by assisting with:

  • Consulting with the Program Team
  • Assisting in the description of the Building Water Systems and Flow Diagrams
  • Developing plans for monitoring of Control Measures
  • Providing confirmation of Control Measures through validation

How do you know if ASHRAE 188-2015 will affect you?

ASHRAE 188-2015 requires building owners to implement and follow a “Water Management Program” if they have any of the following on-site:

  • Cooling Towers and/or Evaporative Condensers
  • Whirlpool Spas
  • Ornamental/Decorative Fountains
  • Air Washers, Humidifiers, or Misters
  • Any other device(s) that release(s) aerosols

Your potable plumbing systems require a Water Management Program if any of the following are true for your building:

  • A centralized hot water system supplying multiple housing units
  • More than 10 stories, this includes below grade levels
  • Residents over the age of 65
  • Any area(s) housing or administering care to individuals with certain health factors