HydroFLOW Scale and Bacteria Control, including Legionella in Cooling Systems

HydroFLOW can save 50% or more of the water being used annually in the treatment of cooling system equipment by reducing the volume of makeup water required and reduced blowdown events.HydroFLOW water conditioning safely increases cycles of concentration by preventing lime scale formation by forcing dissolved calcium ions to bond into suspended calcium carbonate that cannot attach to pipes and equipment.  The suspended particles are filtered from the water stream.HydroFLOW performance results in significant reduction of scale reducers, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, and the frequency of blowdowns. HydroFLOW saves cost of chemicals, energy, labor and maintenance, and costs associated with a water softener.

Due to HydroFLOW’s ability to control bacteria and algae in addition to scale, Legionella bacteria are also destroyed.   

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Fortune 100 Houston Headquarters

Fortune 100 headquarters water conservation program with HydroFLOW.jpgHydrotech installed HydroFLOW devices on 1,000-ton cooling towers on the two 10-story buildings at a Fortune 100 corporate headquarters. The Total Water Management program was implemented that included environmentally-friendly (solid) chemistry for scale, biological and corrosion control, and an (Internet of Things) IoT-enabled series of sensors to monitor water quality and volumes of make-up water and blowdown. The result are consistent water conservation of more than 50% each month, with reduced chemistry and energy use. The data is imported into the corporate building management system for analysis. Integration with regional facilities is planned, using analytics to guide optimized water and energy use at their other facilities.

Marriott Koolina Hotel

Marriott+Koolina+HydroFLOW+for+cooling+tower + water + conservation + and + scale + prevention.jpgA cooling tower at a major hotel was traditionally treated with chemicals to maintain control of scale and bacteria on a routine. Existing scale, corrosion and biofilm accumulation were documented as a baseline prior to the installation. The results after installing the HydroFLOW were improved operating conditions while using reduced amounts of chemicals, labor and water. The HydroFLOW continues to operate efficiently after several years from installation.

Commercial Office Cooling Tower: Killed Bacteria & Algae, Removed and Preventing Limescale

Cooling tower algae and scale prevention with HydroFLOW.jpgAlgae was noticeably reduced with the installation of the HydroFLOW Water Conditioner. The Northwest quadrant of the basin needs reconfiguration to alleviate the stagnant water collection in order to allow the HydroFLOW to properly condition and treat the water. Limescale issues on the louvers, honeycomb and infrastructure have been positively impacted with the HydroFLOW Water Conditioner.

Nellis Air Force Base - Scale and Biofouling Control without Chemicals

Nellis Air Force Base scale and algae prevention with HydroFLOW.jpgA HydroFLOW was installed at one of a group of cooling towers at the base in 2015, which resulted in removal of existing scale and subsequent prevention of scale and biofouling. Chemical treatment applications in the cooling tower were suspended after approximately 60 days from initiating the demonstration, and have not been applied for a sustained period of more than 10 months with no return of scale or biofouling.

Wyndham Office Building – Cooling Tower Scale Control was Successful

Wyndham office building scale and biological control with HydroFLOW physical water conditioner.jpgWithin 10 weeks from installation of a HydroFLOW, existing Limescale was dissolved and eradicated. New limescale did not reappear or accumulate on the tower. The cooling system long term maintenance has been reduced, with improved operating efficiencies that include more than 50% water use conservation, cooling system energy reduction of approximately 10% and reduced chemical use.

Food Processing Cooling Tower - Scale, Bio & Corrosion Control

Food+Processing+plant+scale+prevention+and+biological+control.jpgAfter 22 weeks from installing a HydroFLOW on a cooling tower at an orchard produce processing plant, chemical usage was discontinued after 8 weeks. Performance metrics included low conductivity in the water was maintained, blow-down was reduced by 50%, existing limescale deposits on tubes and fins were gradually removed and the water in the sump was clear of algae and bio deposits.

Quote from the customer:         “With HydroFLOW, my cooling tower is much cleaner than it was with chemicals”

Federal Correctional Institution, Michigan – Cooling Tower Scale and Bacteria Control

HydroFLOW Scale and bacteria prevention on cooling tower at federal correction facility.jpgThe HydroFLOW system had a positive impact on water quality, removing scale accumulation and also preventing biological growth in the water column.  The water softening equipment was disabled to let the HydroFLOW treat the system with hard water (which is recommended). As time progressed, the conductivity readings consistently dropped allowing the blow down cycles to be lengthened to reduce the volume of water being flushed down the drain. Calcium levels were consistent around 150 - 200 ppm, and the algae and bacteria levels remained undetectable. Salt-softening was discontinued, as the HydroFLOW accomplished the water quality objectives at less installed cost, without the monthly salt requirements.

6 Water Cooled Chillers – Energy Efficiency Improved by 11.0%

HydroFLOW improved Energy Efficiency by 11 percent.jpgHydropath technology was evaluated at a commercial building in Hong Kong that had six fresh water-cooled chillers producing over 3400TR cooling. The condenser tubes are now kept clean and the performance of chillers is improved by 11.0% and the ROI was approximately 24 months.

Energy Consumption of Chillers Reduced by 9.6%

HydroFLOW improved Energy Efficiency by 9.6 percent.jpgThere are three fresh water-cooled chillers (900TR in total) and two heat pumps (200TR in total) providing chilled water and hot water to a high technology building. The energy efficiency of chillers and heat pumps was improved by 9.6%. Additional savings were realized as the ozonation system was replaced by Hydropath technology. The payback period was 20 months.

Energy Efficiency of Chillers Improved by 16.0%

HydroFLOW improved Energy Efficiency by 16 percent.jpgThere are two fresh water-cooled chillers generating 400TR cooling capacity to part of a commercial building. The condenser tubes are now free of mineral scale and biofilm. The resulting energy efficiency of chillers is improved by 16.0%. The return on investment was 20 months, with continued energy savings and significant water conservation from prior operating conditions.

Energy Efficiency of Chillers Improved by 9.7%

HydroFLOW improved Energy Efficiency by 9.7 percent.jpgFour fresh water-cooled chillers produce 1200TR cooling capacity to a high technology building. The condenser tubes we clean when opened for inspection with no required maintenance. The resulting energy efficiency of the chillers improved by 9.7%.


Energy Efficiency of Chillers Improved by 8.9%

HydroFLOW improved Energy Efficiency by 8.9  percent.jpgThree fresh water-cooled chillers (two with heat recovery) producing over 1000TR to a commercial facility. Mineral scale and biofilm were removed during a 3 month period from condenser tubes. The resulting energy efficiency of chillers improved by 8.9%. The return on investment was approximately 13 months. 


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