HydroFLOW Pool and Water Park Case Studies

HydroFLOW controls bacteria and scale at swimming pools, water parks and spas with significant reduction of chemicals. HydroFLOW performance results in significant reduction of chlorine, and the frequency of backwashing. HydroFLOW saves cost of chemicals, labor and repairs, with significant improvement in filtration of small particles that are forced to flocculate and are large enough to intercept. Clear water with reduction of chloramines.

Due to HydroFLOW’s ability to control bacteria and algae in addition to scale, for healthier water enjoyment. 

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Significant improvement in Water Clarity in the Pool and Spa

Community Pool HydroFLOW Water Conditioning.pngA community pool installed HydroFLOW water conditioners to reduce chemical use, improve clarity, and control maintenance costs. They experienced positive results in the pool and spa, financially and esthetically. The return on investment was less than 12 months for their pool and water feature applications.

Enhanced Filtration with 50% Cost Savings

Yakima community Pool with HydroFLOW Water conditioning.pngPool clarity and filtration improvements after one month from installation, with annual cost savings of more than 50%. Stepped chlorine and acid use down continuously due to the effectiveness of HydroFlow. The state inspector claimed that the pool was “the cleanest in the Yakima Valley”.

Gold's Gym Pool and Spa Chemical Reduction and Cost Savings

Golds Gym Pool and Spa.pngHydroFLOWs were installed on the pool, wading pool and spa to remove the “chlorine smell” (chloramines), and to reduce chemical usage while keeping the set points at the required levels. The objectives included reducing filter backwashing while improving water clarity. The objectives were met and cost savings achieved along with reduced water consumption.

Water Clarity Improvement and Backwashing Reduction

NOrth Carolina HOtel Pool with HydroFLOW Water Conditioning.pngA large hotel property in North Carolina had been unable to improve the clarity of what was called “the Ghost Pool”, and installed a HydroFlow. Within 3 days the clarity improved significantly and over time the chemical use was reduced significantly.

Cost Reduction of Chemicals, Filtration and Water

Swiss pool with HydroFLOW Water Conditioning.pngA Swiss community sports complex applied Hydropath technology to an indoor swimming pool to reduce chemical use and expense, and also experienced a significant reduction in filtration cycles and water costs.

80% Water and Chemical Cost Reduction

Water park with HydroFLOW electronic water conditioning.pngThe water park maintains improved quality water with the continued use of the HydroFlow units. In addition to cost reductions for Water, Chlorine, Acid, Electricity and Natural Gas, the staff experienced an increase in the clarity of the pool water and a reduction in chlorine odor (chloramines).

Hydro-Treadmill Therapy Pool

Animal spa hydroFLOW water conditioning.jpgA veterinary rehabilitation clinic uses two 1,000-gallon hydro-treadmill therapy pools for exercising 8-10 dogs per day that are undergoing rehabilitation. The hydrotherapy pools are supported by a sand filtration system (pool sized system), a dual-speed filtration pump and a booster pump for the jets. Due to water discoloration and bacteria fluctuations that chlorine was not adequately controlling, a HydroFlow was installed. The results have been clear water and low bacteria levels with significant reduction in chemicals and costs.


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