HydroFLOW causes suspended particles to cluster so that filtration efficiency is improved

The pulsed frequency from the HydroFLOW causes suspended particles to cluster into larger particles and causing them to be more easily filtered out of water systems more efficiently.

The increased filtration efficiency can reduce backwashing by a factor of three, and the amount of water used in each backwash cycle is reduced by up to 50%.

Reduced backwashing means cost savings in water usage and maintenance downtime. In some wastewater applications, HydroFLOW can assist with polymer reduction and increased cake dryness.

Cost Savings with Short Term ROI and Long Term CapEX Reduction

Side stream filtration in cooling towers significantly improves water quality. 

A cleaner water system requires less energy, water and chemicals to maintain optimum operating efficiency, and performing as originally designed. Reduced Operating Costs also improve longer term Capital Budgets due to prevention of scale, biofilm and corrosion, with fewer maintenance and repair events.

HydroFLOW physical water conditioning and Side Stream Filtration reduce water consumption, maintenance costs and chemical consumption. A cleaner cooling system has improved heat-transfer efficiencies and reduced energy costs.

The Return On Investment for HydroFLOW with Side Stream Filtration is usually less than 24 months.

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HydroFLOW causes particles to cluster to improve filtration