HydroTech is focused on sustainable water management practices for commercial and industrial companies. We assess the full cycle of water to understand where efficiencies can be improved, and applying technologies that improve water quality to prescribed levels, reduce energy use and conserve water over the long term.

Efficient Water Use

HydroTech Solutions, Inc. was formed to identify and apply new approaches for efficient water use. Our technologies are vetted with these principles in mind. Cost reductions while improving water management processes foster sustainable practices for the long term; reducing chemical use, saving water, and improving data capture for analytics.

Cost structures for maintaining water quality are being beneficially changed using electronic water conditioning for reducing water, energy and chemical use. Total Water Management depends on evaluating a system rather than components for controlling long term cost savings.

Water quality should be considered for processes that may not require drinking water quality. We provide ways to extend the useful life of water for a primary process, then apply secondary uses such as irrigation, rather than disposal.

Total Water Management depends on reliable applications for saving costs on energy and resources, while reducing environmental impacts.

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Our Services

Our team evaluates system components and processes for saving water, reducing energy consumption, reducing chemical use and extending the useful life of each asset. We collect and analyze operating data to validate the increased efficiencies and share the data and information with clients for larger scale analytics.

Hydrotech installs sensors to capture operating data for monitoring performance. Internet of Things functionality allows building operations systems to analyze and improve operations. Our technology reduces chemical and energy costs while significantly improving water savings.

HydroTech develops site specific strategies and implements appropriate technologies. Sustainable water management depends on reliable applications for saving costs on energy and resources, while reducing environmental impacts.

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HydroFLOW is a physical water conditioner, and does not use chemicals or abrasives to control scale and bacteria in water systems with pipes of any size.  The HydroFLOW is attached to the exterior of a water line in minutes without disrupting operations or cutting pipes

A HydroFLOW operates on 120v AC current to emit a sustained 150 kHz frequency with a pause between cycles, which allows charged ions to bind. Once the soft scale crystals form, they cannot attach to pipe or equipment surfaces. Algae and biofilm are disrupted by the Hydropath signal and detach and removed by filtration. HydroFLOW causes soft scale to continue to form throughout the water system and are large enough to be filtered.

HydroFLOW devices are solid state and have a small footprint, they use less than $10 of electricity per year, and require little or no maintenance.  

HydroFLOW reduces water, energy and chemical use, while improving water quality and extending equipment performance long term.

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