The water quality of a cooling tower system at a commercial facility continued to operate below standards in the open loop circulating water. Legionella bacteria were discovered in the circulating water along with other microorganisms, despite commercial chemicals including biocide, scale and corrosion inhibitors being used. 

Chemicals were changed frequently but failed to achieve a desired result. A 30 day trial of Hydropath technology was arranged, with baseline testing and sampling schedule developed. A HydroFLOW device was installed on the primary circulating water line, with no change in chemical dosing during the trial.


Water clarity became apparent in less than two weeks and the total bacterial count was reduced to below 1,000CFU/mil and Legionella was not detected. Despite the absence of chemical additives during the test period, the bacteria levels remained below targeted levels. Hydropath was permanently installed for long term operation.

The pulsed frequency disturbs biofilm causing it to detach, and removed by filtration. The absence of biofilm eliminates a hospitable environment for pathogens like Legionella to colonize. Small particles in the water stream provide a media for algae and biofilm to attach and become a host for a range of other bacteria. HydroFLOW's signal causes small particles to cluster and more able to be removed by filtration, which improves water quality, heat transfer capability is increased, and less biological activity is sustained in the circulating water.

Legionella Controlled