Chemical-Free Scale and Biological Control for Oil and Gas

HydroFLOW neutralizes bacteria and removes scale in pipelines, pumps, impoundments and equipment without use of chemicals or moving parts.

As water flows through pipelines and infrastructure, it will reach the point of saturation when there is a change in pressure, temperature or chemical composition. Pressure and temperature changes affect the solubility of the chemical components in water that usually forms a hard scale. Depending on the composition of the water, various types of scales can be formed in pipelines, equipment, control systems and pumps. Traditionally, chemical treatments and physical removal of hard scale were the only reliable methods of controlling scale in the oilfield and at refineries.

Bacteria forms in pipelines, tanks, impoundments and numerous areas of water systems, and causes significant destruction of infrastructure due to microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC). Bacteria forms on metallic surfaces and on scale, and develops a sessile biofilm that protects a colony from harm. Often a biofilm will attract scale which results in a laminated accretion of bacteria and scale pockets that are difficult to control with chemicals. Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) often gains protection from biocides from a scale layer, which allows them to corrode iron and steel, resulting in pitting and system integrity failure.

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HydroFLOW has a full range of water conditioners providing a chemical-free solution for the harmful effects of limescale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae within the industrial sector.  HydroFLOW’s water conditioners induce an electric signal of ±150kHz into any water pipe on which they are installed (metal or PVC) and the frequency works in both directions of the pipe.

The electric induction is performed by a special transducer connected to a ring of ferrites. Just as an electrical wire carries current from point A to B, the water inside the pipe acts as a conductor and carries the induced electric signal throughout the entire water system. The oscillating sine waves of the induced AC signal cause the positively and negatively-charged ions to form suspended “soft scale” clusters in the water, preventing them from attaching to rough surfaces as hard scale.




Scale Before Hydro Flow

Frac Water Pit

Water Return Line Scale Removal with HydroFLOW

HydroFLOW removed scale from enhanced oil recovery water return line

Pipelines with HydroFLOW operate more efficiently in terms of flow rate, electricity reduction, reduced chemical use, and significant reductions in maintenance.

Water Impoundments and Tanks that have water recirculated using HydroFLOW maintain significantly less bacteria and scale, with cost savings from reduced chemical use and the formation of iron TSS is avoided as opposed to being caused with chlorine dioxide.

Paraffin buildup is controlled in transfer lines as the HydroFLOW signal prevents buildup on pipelines and instead causes “pearling” of paraffin compounds that do not inhibit flow of fluids.

Water Flood operations have significant scale reduction and ongoing control with HydroFLOW, resulting in increased operating time, pump life extension, reduced maintenance, reduced electrical costs and labor savings. Chemical costs are reduced by 75% in most cases and new scale is prevented while existing scale is gradually reduced and eliminated.

HydroFLOW physical water conditioning causes suspended particles to flocculate so that filtration is enhanced

HydroFLOW physical water conditioner prevents scale and biological fouling in oilfield produced water piping and impoundments