Water Quality Improvements with HydroFLOW

Our award winning HydroFLOW S38 and HS48 water conditioners provides a solution for the harmful effects of limescale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae in pools and spas. It works without chemicals or other additives for indoor and outdoor applications.

The S38 fits pipe sizes up to 1 ½” outside diameter. For water lines up to 2 ½” outside diameter, please refer to the HS48, which can manage high flow rates, while significantly improving filtration efficiency. The results are crystal clear water, while reducing chlorine and chemistry by more than 50% in most cases. 

Reduction in Chlorine Use and the “POOL SMELL” 

Chloramines are chlorine molecules that have bonded with ammonia and other compounds that people leave in the water. Chloramines are trapped chlorine that is less effective, yet has a strong chlorine odor and cause red eyes.  HydroFLOW produces a sustained frequency that causes chloramine molecules to break apart, releasing the chloramines and converting them back to free chlorine. It eliminates the need for shock treatment, reduces the amount of chlorine that needs to be added and reduces the “swimming pool” smell.

Lime Scale Control

Limescale occurs when minerals dissolved in water get deposited on the surfaces of heaters, pipes, tiles and other areas as hard scale. It reduces the effectiveness of heaters and can damage them, and can also block pipes and valves, reduce water flow and impede valve functions. Removing limescale is a time consuming, expensive task that usually involves hazardous acid and chemical treatment. HydroFLOW technology prevents limescale without the use of chemicals by causing soft scale clusters to form in water that cannot attach to pipes, tiles or surfaces. These microscopic crystals are washed away by the water flow and removed by the filter.

Water Clarity and Filtration

HydroFlow causes clustering of small suspended particles that become large enough to be filtered, and are removed from the water during routine filtration. Pool and spa water becomes noticeably clearer cleaner within days rather than weeks.  Your time is valuable and can be spent enjoying your pool and surroundings.

Main Benefits of using Hydropath Technology

  • Controls bacteria and algae
  • Prevents new limescale accumulation
  • Dissolves and removes existing limescale
  • Boosts filtration efficiency

Financial and Environmental Benefits

  • Eliminates or decreases chlorine and chemical usage
  • Reduces the usage of electricity
  • Increases the efficiency and useful lives of pumps and equipment
  • Decreases the need for chemical safety precautions, storage, and disposal

Additional Benefits

  • Scale buildup on tiles will gradually disappear below the water line
  • Propagates the Hydropath signal along the entire water system
  • Provides 24-hour protection without interruptions or the need for monitoring
  • Does not interfere with electric systems