HydroFLOW is Proven to be Effective with Controlling Bacteria and Scale

Bacteria Evaluations

ALS Global - Legionella Testing

"The disinfection rate is 99.7% after exposure to one hour of the Hydropath application"

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A&L Laboratory Testing Results

"Hydropath Technology achieved a significant log reduction with stationary and flowing water."

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Aquavet Technologies

"The survival rate of fish is significantly higher in tanks with HydroFLOW."

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Cooling Tower Scale and Bio Control

Neils Air Force Base

Technology Evaluations

British Gas

Over 20 years ago, the largest residential gas provider in the UK, British Gas was looking for a chemical-free water conditioning device to protect their customers' residential water heaters. Hundreds of thousands of HydroFLOW units have been sold.

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Halliburton Energy Services

Evaluation of the HydroPath Clearwell technology on carbonate brine scaling in the oilfield using a Tube Blocking method.

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OnSpex Technical Evaluation

"The [HydroFLOW] device under test has kept the hard water from depositing encoun minerals to impair heater operation during this series of time accelerated testing. Analysis of the deposits and flow readings indicate that this unit is effective in preventing clogging due to calcium carbonate build up."

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Case Studies